Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium is a metal vastly used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals and cosmetics, marine, sports, houses, military, and many more.

Its strength-weight ratio combined with its corrosion resistance and the ability to be alloyed with other metals transformed it to a very important player in the world industry and the jewelry industry as well.

Titanium is slowly becoming a popular metal in the jewelry manufacturing and it is common to see it alone or combined with other metals.

Jewelry designers discovered these properties and started to design items with it.

Titanium made jewelry delivers strength and light weight products which are also corrosion resistant to water, salted water, and chlorine.

It is also important to mention that besides its durability, its inert property makes it a natural choice for those suffering from allergies. Its 100% hypoallergenic attributes makes it safe as it will not react with your skin.

The most popular titanium made products are rings, but it is used for other types such as bracelets and pendants.

Alloying titanium at a 1% with 24 carat gold leaves the gold still as a 24 carat item but with a like 14 carat hardness.

Some more examples:

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Making the Ring - Men's Titanium Wedding Band With Inlay


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