Ceramic Watches

Ceramic Watches

A ceramic watch is a quite new variation in the watch industry, placing it in a ceramic case and usually it includes a ceramic band.

The major ingredient in the watch production was and still is metal, generally stainless steel.
The plastic industry evolved into a high quality and low cost alternative in the production of watches.

The last century adopted the watch as a fashion and a status symbol. That’s why brands started to produce watches using precious metals, predominantly gold, platinum and palladium. In some cases diamonds were added to convert the traditional watch into a piece of jewelry.

The industry searched to innovate, trying different raw materials and ceramic became the most successful one. Nowadays, ceramic watches are very popular, taking an important part of the industry.

Are ceramic watches better than the stainless steel ones?

There is not a categorical answer for this, it depends on many factors, most of them subjective and personal to each individual.
We’ll try to answer the question, explaining some of the important factors:

Are ceramic watches hypoallergenic?
Stainless steel alone does not cause skin allergies, however it is usually alloyed with nickel and this new metal is the cause of allergies.
Ceramic watches do not contain nickel, therefore they are safe to wear.

Do ceramic watches discolor?
Ceramic is a non metallic solid and is available in different and durable colors.

Do ceramic watches scratch?
One of the important properties of ceramic is scratch resistance.

Will a ceramic watch break easily?
Ceramic is like glass, produced by heating and cooling. It can break when dropped onto hard surfaces, however new production techniques achieved a strong resistance quality.
Be aware that ceramic watch cases are not indestructible, they can break and shatter if you try hard enough.

Do ceramic watches discolor?
It depends on the quality of the product, it is a matter of pigmentation and UV radiation. The answer is yes, it is possible.

How to clean a ceramic watch?
Very simple, treat it as a piece of jewelry.
Clean it with a cloth and non-abrasive cleaner, a window cleaner or a regular dish soap will be enough.

Here is a list of Brands offering ceramic watches:
– Bulova
– Swiss Legend
– Anne Klein  
– Stuhrling Original  
– Oniss  
– Rougois  
– Cirros Milan  
– Peugeot  
– Fossil  
– Dasone  
– Time100  
– Konigswerk  
– Rado
– Michael Kors

Watch this short video to see a ceramic watch model and learn more:

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Michael Kors White Oversized Ceramic Watch 5163

Michael Kors White Oversized Ceramic Watch 5163