This is a brief introduction to Birthstones.

Some people tend to believe that there is a connection between a month and a stone.
This started, as per Jewish historian Josephus in the 1st century, connecting the twelve Aaron’s stones with the twelve months and the twelve Zodiac signs.

It was a long time ago and presently, after many changes, there is a kind of recognized list of stone, each one “representing” a month.Some people wear only the ‘right” stone during the whole month.
Others use to wear always only their “right” stone according to their month of birth.

It is important to mention that different cultures adopt different stones as birthstones.

The American National Association of Jewelers, met in Kansas and created an official list of Birthstones. The year was 1912!!!
In 1952 The Jewelry Industry Council of America updated the list and lately, in 2002, The American Gem Trade Association added a new stone, Tanzanite, to the December birthstone.
By the way this was not possible earlier as Tanzanite was discovered in 1967.

This is the latest list from 2013:

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine, Bloodstone
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
July – Ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Opal, Tourmaline
November – Topaz, Citrine
December – Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite

There are several more lists, connecting gemstones to zodiacal signs, days of the week and according to different regions and cultures.

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All About Birthstones - Gemstones and their Meanings

Every month of the year has one (or more) gemstones assigned to it as it's designated birthstone. Each birthstone also has special legendary meanings and properties associated with the gem. In this video, I help you discover all twelve months of birthstones, showing examples of the gemstones and telling you about their reputed mystical, spiritual and other properties.

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January's birthstone is garnet.
February's birthstone is amethyst.
March's birthstone is aquamarine.
April's birthstone is diamond. (Alternate: White Sapphire or White Topaz)
May's birthstone is emerald.
June's birthstone is pearl. (Alternate: Alexandrite or Moonstone)
July's birthstone is ruby.
August's birthstone is peridot.
September's birthstone is blue sapphire.
October's birthstone is Opal. (Alternate: Tourmaline)
November's birthstone is yellow topaz. (Alternate: Citrine)
December's birthstone is tanzanite (Alternate: turquoise or blue zircon)

I hope you find it informative! Thank you for watching!

* Narrated by Miss M. Turner of PhoenixFire Designs *